My Business Story

I know there are usually two kinds of stories about people who work from home in direct selling companies – the “accidental entrepreneur” and the born leader. I’m more of the second, I admit. I’ve always been driven to succeed no matter what I’ve been doing! Most importantly, I’ve always wanted to live fearlessly and give generously. And I love that these days, I truly can.

Working hard was a great strategy when I was working a traditional job, of course. But at the same time – when you’re working in the 9-5 world, it comes with a price, right? You go to work, you give it your all, and you come home – without as much of you to give to the people you love.

I started seeing that when I was working in a department store as a product educator. I always looked for something that allowed me to be entrepreneurial. I wanted to create my own hours and be my own boss, so I could be with my family and not miss a day of their lives. That was how I entered the world of freelancing in the world of Premium Skin Care. I worked for various skin care brands, but only one company provided real results with my own formally “bad” skin. I loved this brand that I was teaching others about. The products really worked for me, giving me a radiant, more youthful appearance. The products were improving my over all well being in regards to how I felt about myself.

But at the same time, I felt restless. Not totally fulfilled. I loved the products and helping people get their best skin, but I knew I had a bigger destiny, but it was hard to see exactly how that was going to happen. I had been praying for a way to be a generous giver beyond the means of our checkbook.


That’s when an amazing opportunity opened up with the product line that I was representing as it made the decision to leave retail and open up a new direct selling company. I didn’t wait. Honestly – right away, I saw it for the awesome gift that it was!

It was a turnkey business system that leveraged the power of an internationally known brand name and their resources. I was lucky to have had some experience with the company in a different selling environment. I already knew that the products themselves were revolutionary. They’d worked for me like nothing else had.

And I also knew that the most profitable position for me was not to over think the opportunity leveraging the success and credibility of this recognized brand, it’s rare to find a business where brand recognition is already built in. When I started, all I had was a vision. As a new start up company we didn’t yet have marketing materials, training, or even a compensation plan in place, but I knew in my heart – and through the grace of hearing God’s voice clearly in my heart – that it would all fall into place.

I knew this was the tool I’d been given to step into my destiny. And I knew my calling wasn’t just to provide for my own family. My calling was to step into my own destiny in order to help countless others experience abundance and step into their own destinies.

I get so excited when I see another partner make the jump from just survival mode to true abundance as a result of this opportunity! And I’m humbled by the opportunity to bless others to help them step into their calling!

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