Effective Leadership Means Understanding Your Team Members’ Concerns

Over the years you may have heard that when it comes to convincing people to do something, you must first tell them what they need to know and then get them to buy into it. I beg to differ.

Especially when it comes to mentoring your team members.

That’s because people are going to be much more willing to perform the tasks required to be successful if they are first sold on why these actions can be important to them.

Key to getting to this point is asking questions so you and they have a clear understanding of both their area of concern and their goals. Next, it’s important to obtain an agreement between you and each Consultant concerning what she (or he) is willing to do to reach those well-defined goals. Next, follow up with your Consultants so you know how they’re doing on their tasks and their goals.

Remember that people respond to their own needs. Your success may impress them and inspire them to become involved, but what will convince them to duplicate your success are their own goals. If they can recognize a path they can follow that will help them be successful, and if you can help them stay focused on that path and the steps they have agreed to follow, they’re far more likely to reap rewards. And that’s good for them and you.

The beauty of this business is that it’s all about helping others fulfill their vision of success. And it starts by selling your team members on why their dreams are important—and reachable!

Success Means Never Wallowing in Rejection

Seriously. As a network marketer, you will hear the word “No” a lot. I wish I could sugarcoat this fact, but truth be told, some people will not be receptive to your message about the company, its products and/or the business no matter how passionately you present it. Fear not—the good news is, the situation will change! You must always experience many “Nos” to get to the “Yes.”
What I want you to remember is that it’s not about YOU! People are saying no to the opportunity or the products, not to you personally. Once you embrace this important fact, it will be much easier for you to continue to share Rodan + Fields® with everyone you meet. I love it when I hear Consultants say, “Yay, I got a no! That puts me that much closer to a yes.”
Also keep in mind that the timing may be off for some people. They may be under enormous stress in some area of their life and taking on a new venture is just too difficult for them to manage right now. Create your very own “forget me not” file. Record their contact information and set a tickler date to try them again in 60 days. Also remember that someone who says no may be willing to give you referrals.
So here’s my “no wallowing” cheer: 2, 4, 6, 8—the Nos I will appreciate!

Make Your Past—or Present–Music to a Prospect’s Ear

Often we are advised to let go of our past and look to the future. When it comes to past mistakes or disappointments, that’s great advice. But … as you’re talking to people about your Rodan + Fields® business, I highly encourage you to make the most of your past or present experience by passionately weaving it into your Rodan + Fields Prospect invitation.

Here’s why: credibility. I can probably best explain by giving you an example:

You are a highly regarded financial advisor who has done well in your profession. Through a friend you discovered Rodan + Fields and immediately saw a financial opportunity with the business. When you talk about the R+F opportunity to others, weave your current job into why you believe this particular opportunity is so strong. Try this:

I am a very successful financial advisor for X. I love helping people create wealth. What’s so interesting is I have started my own business in addition to my current job. I represent Rodan + Fields Dermatologists, the company started by the Doctors who created Proactiv® Solution. As someone who teaches wealth building, I immediately saw this partnership as a wealth building opportunity for myself.

Remember … people will connect with you and your story before they consider the business. Use your background to add credibility to your decision to be part of Rodan + Fields, say it with passion, and assure the Prospect she (or he) can have fun in the process.


Tracking is not Just for the Hound Dog

Whenever I ask my Consultants to “track their progress” they immediately feel like the loyal hound dog whose job is to put his nose to the ground and sniff out the problem. However, your ability to track and measure your results will be beneficial in so many capacities. For one, you’ll know your results and you can judge for yourself if there is a problem, or pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

In prospecting, it’s very important to track your results because you want to understand how many people you will need to talk to about Rodan + Fields® before you can make a full presentation and ultimately enroll the person as a new team member. This is called your person “conversion rate.”

Once you have kept a careful record of the number of people you’ve approached (not actually presented to), you’ll see what your success ratio is when it comes to turning these contacts into presentations and from these presentations, how many enroll as Preferred Customers or Consultants. For example, you may find that you need to speak with 40 people a month to secure 10 presentations, from which you will enroll one or two people. Don’t let the numbers scare you as they are actually on your side. The Law of Numbers will never let you down in this business. It only makes sense that the more people you talk to initially, the more people you’ll have an opportunity to present to, and then enroll from that number.

Just as a good hound dog explores every lead and never loses the scent of its quarry, you must never take your focus off your goal and the fact your success is directly related to the number of people you approach about your business.


What’s Your Waldo Factor?

When it comes to finding people to approach about Rodan +Fields®, I am reminded of the popular children’s books, Where’s Waldo? by Martin Handford. As you probably realize, you just never know where you will find Waldo in these books because he is absolutely everywhere. And that’s the way it is with finding people to talk to about your business.

First of all, direct selling is a people business. So that means you must go where people are located. You’ve probably already created a large Prospect list, but take a few minutes to jot down all of the places you go where there are lots of people, then keep adding to it as you think of other places and events. For example, in line at the grocery, the salon where you get your hair done or have manicures and pedicures, the groomer’s, your children’s sports games, the Farmers’ Market, cocktail parties, the gym, or just people you run into on a regular basis while you’re taking a walk. Talking to strangers may mean stepping outside your comfort zone, but if you lead with your enthusiasm for how the products have given you smoother, younger-looking, more radiant skin, striking up a conversation with someone is so much easier.

Recently I saw party napkins that said, “Mingle Like You Mean It!” That’s great advice for a party, but it’s also a terrific mindset when it comes to promoting your business. I challenge you both to be a “Waldo” and to mingle like you mean it—you’ll probably soon discover that it’s next to impossible not to talk to people about your business everywhere you go!


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