Tracking is not Just for the Hound Dog

Whenever I ask my Consultants to “track their progress” they immediately feel like the loyal hound dog whose job is to put his nose to the ground and sniff out the problem. However, your ability to track and measure your results will be beneficial in so many capacities. For one, you’ll know your results and you can judge for yourself if there is a problem, or pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

In prospecting, it’s very important to track your results because you want to understand how many people you will need to talk to about Rodan + Fields® before you can make a full presentation and ultimately enroll the person as a new team member. This is called your person “conversion rate.”

Once you have kept a careful record of the number of people you’ve approached (not actually presented to), you’ll see what your success ratio is when it comes to turning these contacts into presentations and from these presentations, how many enroll as Preferred Customers or Consultants. For example, you may find that you need to speak with 40 people a month to secure 10 presentations, from which you will enroll one or two people. Don’t let the numbers scare you as they are actually on your side. The Law of Numbers will never let you down in this business. It only makes sense that the more people you talk to initially, the more people you’ll have an opportunity to present to, and then enroll from that number.

Just as a good hound dog explores every lead and never loses the scent of its quarry, you must never take your focus off your goal and the fact your success is directly related to the number of people you approach about your business.


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