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Kris Fairless

My Business

I know there are usually two kinds of stories about people who work from home in direct selling companies – the "accidental entrepreneur" and the born leader. I’m more of the second, I admit. I’ve always been driven to succeed no matter what I’ve been doing! Most importantly, I’ve always wanted to live fearlessly and give generously.

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My Mission

My mission is simple – Empowering people to live fearlessly. Living the life that you choose! But what does that mean? It means equipping you with the opportunity to achieve both financial freedom and time freedom. Empowering you to create an extra stream of income that can offer the possibility of living a debt free life, to have the means to give generously of your time and resources to the things that give your lives purpose and passion…

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Our Passion, Giving Back

I've always wanted to be able to give generously to people in need and not be limited to the balance in our checkbook. As a result of building our business from home we've been able to sponsor many children like these Kris is visiting with in Ethiopia. For me giving generously comes in a number of ways…

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